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Healthy and tasty meals

  • We provide quality and healthy meals to our pupils.
  • We offer not only lunch, but also fresh juice, morning snack and afternoon snack.
  • We constantly provide a drinking regime for children and encourage them to have drink enough.
  • Meals are served in our school canteen, which is a part of the buiding of Primary and Secondary School.

Why is our cuisine special?

  • We serve home-made meals (dumplings, cakes, buns, spreads, salads,etc. ).
  • We daily import fresh groceries of the highest quality from first class suppliers.
  • Our meals are prepared  with minimal amount of sugar and salt.
  • Our suppliers are Slovak producers (Agro TAMI, HSH, Kubus, bakery Takáč,... ).
  • We cook only from fresh poultry, which is from Slovak suppliers (ECO chicken HSH, turkey and chicken Kubus).
  • After an agreement with parent, we can also provide meals with dietary restrictions  (gluten, lactose).
  • We do not cook from ready-meals!