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How does English language teaching work in our kindergarten?

Bilingual education is provided by an English-speaking teacher in each class in the form of natural communication in all day-to-day activities. The natural bilingual environment of the school is supported by native English speaker.

How does the introduction weeks in the kindergarten work?

Prior to joining the kindergarten, we offer parents the opportunity to come in with the child and see the kindergarten, to see the classes or play for a while to help the child become familiar with the new environment. In the first introduction weeks, the children arrive in the morning at the usual time, between 7:00am and 9:00am. Upon agreement it is possible for the child to spend only a few hours in the kindergarten or they can leave before the afternoon rest period until they get used to the routine.

What food is on offer for the children?

The kindergarten provides the children with good quality food with gluten-free meals. We check the children's drinking regime and encourage them to consume enough fluids. We prepare for the children fresh fruit juice daily, we also offer fresh fruit and vegetables to eat.

How do you encourage the children to lead a healthy lifestyle?

In addition to the healthy and varied diet provided by the kindergarten, the teacher always explains on a child's level what positive effects on the body healthy eating has. The children are guided towards daily exercise. During the morning exercises they train their muscles. At least once a week, each class also has an exercise aimed at preventing flat feet using specialized aids in the exercise room. Every day (except in bad weather), we go with the children for a walk or to play in the school yard. For the children we also organize various sports clubs such as swimming, skating, baseball etc....

What classes do you provide in the afternoon?

Since it is our aim that the children develop in all areas, we offer a wide range of different interest classes. You can find the current offer under the Clubs section.

What activities do you offer to the parents and their children?

For parents and their children we organize creative workshops twice a year. In the autumn we organize the Pumpkin Party and in the spring the Easter Creative Workshop. The parents and their children can spend an afternoon in a pleasant environment in the kindergarten creating someting together. We also organize a Christmas Party for the whole kindergarten with a performance by the children followed by refreshments. Mothers Day is organized by each class individually, where mothers and grandmothers are invited to a children's programme. There is also a sports day to celebrate Father’s Day. We also organize spring and autumn hiking trips for the parents and their children.

What kind of out-of-school activities do you offer?

In addition to the above-mentioned hiking trips, at least once a year each class goes on a daytrip from the nursery. The children in pre-school classes also have the opportunity to participate in ski training and nature school.

How are the children prepared to enter the primary school?

The daily educational activities are aimed at preparing the child for the first attendance year at primary school. In addition our pre-schoolers regularly attend open classes at the primary school. We support school preparation by working with a psychologist and a special pedagogue.

How does the kindergarten cooperate with the primary school?

In addition to the above-mentioned visits to the primary school, pupils from the primary school come to read books and play theatre for the children in the kindergarten. Also, after agreement, primary school and gymnasium students help us to organize various children's events.

What to do if the child is absent?

If your child is absent please report it to class teacher who will then sign off the child in the attendance register. You can cancel the child’s meals by either sending an email to the school dining room email address or by phone on the phone number from the school web page.

What happens if a parent cannot come to collect the child by 5:00pm?

Every day there is secured duty service by one teacher, who remains with the children after 5pm. Simply call the receptionist or the class teacher to inform them that you will be running late and they will pass the information on to the teacher who is on duty.

How do you integrate into the kindergarten children with special educational needs?

The kindergarten employs teachers graduated in special pre-school and inclusive education. We integrate the children within the usual classroom environment with other children. We approach each child individually based on their needs. Of course, we work closely with the school psychologist, a special pedagogue and a speech therapist.

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