About Besst Classes


English-Slovak School BESST is a complex of schools from kindergarten to high school, where we are consecutively upbringing, educating and taking care of children from the early age of 3 years in kindergarten, through their years in primary and secondary school up to adolescence in high school. BESST is the only school in Trnava region, which offers education according to the international standards of Cambridge University. Our history began in the year 2009 and today we belong to the prestigious schools with a statute of a Cambridge International Centre, which allows us to provide education accepted throughout the whole world. The high quality of education process is accompanied by harmony, friendly atmosphere together with modern and comfortably equipped environment. 


Our kindergarten has 8 classrooms. It provides full day educational care and childcare for children from 2.5 to 6 years of age and for children with postponed compulsory school attendance.  The kindergarten is located on the private primary school premises at Limbova Street 3, Trnava. Preschool education is provided by qualified teachers who are responsible for your child´s safety and health during their stay in the kindergarten.

Kindergarten was established as a response to the natural need for continuing education. Therefore we decided to offer education for pre-school children:

  • in order to ensure progression from kindergarten –  primary and secondary school – high school
  • so that a child moved smoothly from one level of education to another without any stress, but with well developed skills, abilities and knowledge.

Children are placed into 4 age groups:

1. age group – two and a half up to three-year-old children
2. age group – three up to four-year-old children
3. age group – four up to five-year-old children
4. age group – five up to six-year-old children

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  • MONTESSORI MATERIALS in each classroom
  • RELAXING ROOM equipped with tools for the development of physical abilities, prevention of flat feet, relaxation exercises, etc.
  • SCHOOL BUS – trips in surroundings of Trnava
  • VISITING the library, attending traffic course, etc.
  • Cooperation with other KINDERGARTEN – BESSTINKA
  • Ski, ice-skate, swim (KLUB KVAPKA) and dance (TANEČNÁ ŠKOLA SWING) COURSES
  • EVENTS for parents (workshops, carnival, hiking trips, etc.)
  • BILINGUAL EDUCATION: in our kindergarten we have established an environment in which one teacher in each classroom communicates in Slovak and the other in English language
  • Maximum of 16 CHILDREN per class
  • PROGRESSION from kindergarten – primary and secondary school – high school
  • ABOVE STANDARD SERVICES in preparing pre-school children - Good start method, etc.
  • MODERN EQUIPMENT – high-tech computers, interactive whiteboards, iPads


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Bilingual education

In our kindergarten we have established an environment in which one teacher in each classroom communicates in Slovak and the other in English language.


Compatibility with ISCED 0

Because the standards for work in the kindergarten are developed accurately, our year-round plan is based on them and we abide by them. Thus every child that attends our kindergarten achieves at minimum the skills and knowledge comparable with children in other Slovak kindergartens.

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Emphasis of child´s individuality

We are aware that every child is different. They have interests, talents and their own pace of development. We fully respect these characteristics in our children.

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16 children per class

We place children into classrooms so as to allow individual work, peace at work and of course child safety in any and all activities.



The kindergarten is equipped with devices which respect specialities of child work, coping with the outside world, sensory development in children, mathematical ideas and acquiring the knowledge of the outside world from the grasp of concrete ideas to abstract understanding. We also have an opportunity to work with high-tech computers and interactive whiteboards.

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Catering regime

in accordance with healthy diet recommendations: we combine a healthy drinking regime with daily provision of fresh fruit and vegetables.


Activities with native English teachers

Native English teachers are also employed at our school who enrich teaching in English.

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of mathematical,

language learning and science: through use of special teaching aids and other activities in our kindergarten classes, we can discover and develop the individual talents of our children in various areas.

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Positive qualities

and the development of emotional intelligence: we place great emphasis on good behaviour and the development of a child´s personality. We support and seek to develop their independence, taking responsibility for themselves, acceptance and correction of mistakes. We focus on the art of teamwork and conflict resolution.

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Overall development

in each component of education: in our institution we offer playing a musical instrument, skating courses, year round swimming lessons, dancing and a ski course.


Qualified staff

The teaching staff working in the kindergarten are trained to become guides for children in the spirit of the slogan: “Help me to do it myself.“ We work closely with a speech therapist, psychologist and special education needs teacher.

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Daily routine

Many children, especially at the age of 5, 6 do not need afternoon sleep anymore. For these children rest areas are prepared, where they can have an afternoon rest, but nobody forces them to sleep.

Daily routine


7.00 – 8.30 Games and play activities, morning circle, personal hygiene

8.30 – 9.00 Morning snack

9.00 – 10.00 Educational activities and goals planned according to ŠVP, physical and relaxation exercises

10.00 – 11.30 Games and outdoor activities

11.30 – 12.00 Personal hygiene, lunch

12.00 – 14.30 Personal hygiene, relaxation

Reception Year – after-school activities, educational activities

14.30 – 15.00 Personal hygiene, after-school snack

15.00 – 17.00 Games and playful activities, educational activities, outdoor stay