Activities schedule Activities
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Sports and Physical Training

To learn the basics of various sport disciplines. Through sport activities and entertainment games to improve the coordination and movement. To improve basic physical movement. Increase the vital capacity of the lungs and encourage children to be active.

Lecturer: Martina Paráková

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Folklore and Drama Class

Through drama games and exercises gradually lose shyness, to appear before a group of peers later also before an audience. Through vocal and articulation exercises strengthen expression skills and enunciation.

Lecturer: Mgr. Magdaléna Kováčová


Fun Science

Using the method to focus on the coherence of vision, hearing and movement. Improve and express laterality, improve body shape orientation and spatial orientation. At the same time, work with the group to help establish and deepen social relations.

Lecturer: Mgr. Beáta Gajdošová


Flat feet prevention

Through entertaining games, focus on the prevention of developing flat feet. Exercise to strengthen the muscles of the feet, legs, body coordination and naturally strengthen the body. Raise children's interest in a positive attitude towards physical activity.

Lecturers: Kristína Hromadová, PaedDr. Veronika Pukancová, Mgr. Kristína Drábiková, Mgr. Barbora Martinkovičová, Bc. Lucia Madarová


Hip- hop and Dance

Through dance and musical-action games awaken in children the joy and interest in movement . Develop physical co-ordination, sense of rhythm and connecting improvised movement to music. Learn a short, age-appropriate dance choreographed routine.

Lecturer: Aneta Puškárová


Montessori Workshop

The main content of this class is to follow the motto: „ help me to do it myself “. The child can freely choose from the offered activities during the class, where they can discover the surrounding world . Through these activities, deepen the focus of the child.

Lecturer: Mgr. Barbora Jurkovičová


Swimming Class

Introduce the children to the aquatic environment in a playful way. Obtain basic swimming skills at the elementary level . To master the proper technique of breathing and swimming. Gain the skills of underwater orientation and practice survival techniques.

Lecturer: Mgr. Blanka Krajčovičová


Music School Yamaha

The aim of the class is to raise interest and positive attitude towards music through music exercises. Children will master the use of children's musical instruments and improvising movement. At the same time, adopt an active listening and experience to music.

Lecturer: Ing. Zuzana Mrázová 


Recorder Class

Step-by-step learning the right technique to playing a recorder. Holding the recorder correctly, breathing, creating tones and articulation of formed tones. At the same time influence the development of hearing, visual perception and the development of dexterity during recorder play.

Lecturer: Bc. Paulína Jurisová

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Art Class

Through entertaining creative activities, develop elementary foundation of art education. Gradually build a positive relationship to the artistic perception of the world. Through new art techniques to develop children's fantasies and aesthetic sensitivities.

Lecturer: Bc. Ivana Pukalíková

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A good start method

Using the method to focus on the coherence of vision, hearing and movement. Improve and express laterality, improve body shape orientation and spatial orientation. At the same time, work with the group to help establish and deepen social relations.

Lecturers: Diana Atkinson, PhDr. Zuzana Polťáková, PhD.


Book Club

Build a positive relationship with literature and books in pre-school children. Learn book reading rules. Develop pre-literacy  reading ability to orientate in books. Note the content and reproduce it in both native and foreign languages.

Lecturer: Mgr. Mária Filípková


Ballet Class

Through dancing to acquire correct body posture, improve body coordination and balance. Acquire basic dance concepts, pose and rhythm. Increase the range of movement, stretching, basic gymnastics, and develop children's abilities and imagination.

Lecturer: Mgr. Lucia Kollárová


Baseball Introduction

Through the class, raise a positive attitude towards sports and sports activities. Develop coordination of motion and body resistance, develop a sense of fair play and teamwork and learn the basics of proper techniques and rules of the game of baseball.

Lecturer: Diana Atkinson, Marek Červený


Dance Class

Through playful musical and music-motion activities, focus on developing a sense of rhythm, a positive relationship to the expression of music by movement. . On the elementary level, learn the basics of ballroom and Latin American dances.

Lecturer: Martin Sianta